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Choose and buy the right domain name for your site

The importance of a good domain name

The domain name that is basically the address of your site in the Internet can also be an important aspect of promoting your brand, and capitalizing on a cleverly chosen name.

Having your own domain name (if it is carefully chosen) can have a great effect on people being able to easily remember how to find and access your site.>>Click here to learn more

Note: If you have a domain name from a previous site, it is a good idea to use it (if you are not using it for other things) because it has a certain amount of authority.  

YorName is a simple domain name service created for everyone and with SimDif users in mind.
YorName is a simple domain name service created for everyone and with SimDif users in mind.

Use your own unique domain name even with a Starter site

SimDif has created Yorname, a simple service allowing you to acquire the domain name you like and easily link it to your SimDif site.

Yorname also provides a free SSL certificate (which is now required by all main search engines) for all domain names.

You can also transfer your existing domain name to us from your current provider. SimDif will guide you through the process.

How to choose a good name for your site

  • Choose a name that is easy to write and pronounce;

  • Your domain name need to be easy to remember;

  • Other things being equal, a shorter name is the better option.


Try to base your domain name on keywords and/or your brand

If you have a well known brand, globally or locally, your potential customers will search for that name on Google. In this case it makes sense to use your  brand in the domain name or even as your domain name.

Create a domain name based on relevant keywords

If you don't have a well-established brand the best option for you is to use keywords in you domain name. 

For example, healthy-breakfast-cereals.com.

Also include your physical location in your domain name If you have one. For example, breakfast-cereals-seattle.com. It will help local people find your site and see what you offer.

A combination of both these methods is also an option to consider

Especially if you believe that your brand will grow in stature and more people type it in Google to find you.

For example, mamas-breakfast-seattle.com

Try to only use 1 hyphen, at most 2.

Which domain zone to choose

There are many kinds of top-level domains (TLD): .com, .org, .net etc. 

We recommend using .com when possible as this is the most recognizable one and using it will help your site look even more reliable and trustworthy.  

.net and .org are next in popularity.

Use a geographical TLD (for example, .co.uk, .fr, co.ng, co.za, etc) only if your readers are familiar with it. Also we do not recommend using them if your business does not have an actual connection with the territory represented by such a TLD.

With more rare and exotic TLDs (for example, .biz, .site, .co, .io) it is a good idea to make the TLD a part of your brand or closely associated with your brand (for example, promote your brand and your domain name together).

For example chef.biz


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