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A reminder of the basic places where to show the address of your site

Don't be surprised if you didn't consider the obvious basic steps to get your site address to be known ;-)

Putting your web address on all your professional documents is an important part of your professional presentation. Often a clever way to sell your product is not not push it too much but to be just interesting enough to get people to check your website where you can have a discourse that is both comprehensive and illustrated. 

A webpage that has one answer per page will also be able to serve a variety of readers better because each will be able to quickly find the page that is most relevant to what they are looking for. 

So make sure your site address is on:

  • your business cards
  • your stationery ( bill, invoices, etc. )
  • your brochures
  • your emails as a signature 
  • your company's car
  • bumper stickers?
  • promotional items
  • avoid permanent tattoos, who knows what the internet will be like in 5 years ;-)

Be careful how you spell the address of your site (url): 

Not only of the name you have chosen. Make sure you don't leave a letter or a dash out.
But also in the form that you use: 

Your SimDif site's domain name starts with "http://" and not "http://www"

it is NOT the same as

If on the other hand, you have your own domain name, it is probably  

For more information about how to choose a domain name and the relevance of having your own domain name. Click here to visit our dedicated site. 
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