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Social networks promotion of your site

Thinking about creating a social network page for your business?

Depending on what you are presenting on your website, it is sometimes a good idea to have your own social network accounts so that you can interact with your visitors. 

Don't be fooled though, social networks are not the same as having a website, and the kind of interaction they provide is very specific and may or may not suit your needs or talents.

On this subject you want to start with our dedicated page on this site: 

pros and cons about promoting your website with the most popular social networks.

Social networks pages can supplement your site, but not replace it

You need to understand what social networks are and how they work before you build your strategy on how to use them to promote your website. 

How does your social media page compare to your website?

Facebook nowadays is unavoidable. The incredible number of people who have an account on Facebook or other popular social networks such as Instagram or VK.com drives some of them to think that having such a page is the same thing as having a proper website, or that a Facebook page is actually an efficient presentation website...

A social media page is not a good presentation website

But social network pages are an important aspect of your presence on the web and can provide great benefits to your site and business if managed properly.

This subject could be the topic of a book about the evolution of the internet and its perception by the general public. However we will try to give you some simple advice about how you can actually use social media pages to promote your site.

The important differences to keep in mind

The first purpose of a presentation website is to be a place where you can control the way you demonstrate or explain your activity.

You want to be able to reorganize, edit, update and improve your content as many times as needed with as much ease as possible. 

Your website is an important showcase, it is not a billboard where anybody can write.

Your personal or professional social network (Facebook, Instagram, VK.com, ...) page is an important complement to your site. It is not your site.

If your site were an island, the social networks would be important cruise companies bringing passengers to your site, and of course boats can not replace the island itself.

Social networks are subject to all kinds of changes which you can not control, from the way they deal with your private data to the way a couple of unhappy clients can ruin the experience for everybody.

It is also important to note the very different kinds of behavior you are expected to have on such a platform when it comes to business ... the number of contacts starts to be more important than the quality of those contacts? Or is it the type of relationship to your contacts that is just different?

On your website all your effort is to explain a subject you know well, in a clear and useful way, to your visitors.

Click here to visit SimDif's Facebook page for an example of how to integrate Facebook to support your online activities. 

Social media buttons to link your pages in social networks

SimDif provides special buttons to direct your readers to your social media pages.

Social media buttons can be used to link your readers to your social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, VK, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube.

These buttons are only available on Smart and Pro sites.

To add these buttons to your site go to “Add a New Block” and “Special”. Scroll down and you will see “Social media button”.


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