Creative Commons photos through Flickr

Using Creative Commons photos to illustrate your website.

You won't always have the right pictures to illustrate your text on your site. 

With SimpleDifferent you will be able to rely on the thousands of photographers who publish their work under a Creative Commons license with the idea that others can freely use these photos for their creative endeavors.  

The Creative Commons has a number of different license types available for artists and photographers, some of these licenses will allow you to freely use the photos on your website. 

When you use the image editor in SimpleDifferent, 

The pictures you will find under the Flickr icon are pictures under the Creative Commons Attribution license. It means you can actually use these pictures for free, crop or modify them, possibly in a commercial activity, the only condition is that you should mentioning its author.

If you use a photo that has a CC Attribution license on your site then you should thank the artist by linking to his or her page on Flickr or what ever is the source.

SimpleDifferent helps you in that matter by automatically putting a link to the original picture at the bottom of your page where the picture is used.

When you link to the photo you can also leave a short comment 

on the original picture thanking the artist for their work and letting them know where their work has been used. It is much appreciated by the photographer and consequently helps promote your site.

Remember this is not the time for spam. 

Don't use photos simply because you will be able to place a link to your site under their pictures. Use photos that genuinely help to illustrate your topic. And don't write long lavish explanations of what you do here either.

For example, click the links to the photos that you see below and to the right, I have left a short comment and a link back to this page.

Amateurs and pros are happy to share their passion and their work under Creative Commons license

Creating your own photo sharing account

Another way to use a Flickr account to promote your activity is to share your pictures. These sites are dedicated to building a community of people interested in each other’s work. You may find nice contacts there.

A nice example of this is a teacher who shares her pictures of a course with her students. Students will then be able to share those same pictures with their friends...

When you create such an account, it is then up to you to place your own pictures under the Creative Common licence.


Click here for a deeper understanding of the Creative Commons Licenses

and also more information about the Creative Commons Licence on Flickr's site.