How upgrading your site to pro can help its promotion

Turning your site to Pro gives you to access to a set of interesting and relevant features. Which you will find a precious resource in promoting you website around the internet.

Up to 30 pages

When you have more pages to explain what you do, you have more real estate to organize and detail your answers and multiply the relevant pages. It is an important aspect of having your page chosen as the result of a search but it also means you have more to offer and potentially satisfy your readers. Your readers are the most important aspect in the promotion of your site. 

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Duplicate for translation

Translation can be useful in promoting your SimpleDifferent site. Pro sites offer the possibility to duplicate your site to facilitate its translation into another language, linking the different sites by a flag.

The first obvious benefit from translating is to increase the number of people who could potentially access your site. This is even more essential to serve countries that use more than one language. 

Less obviously though, translating is actually an incredible way to check and reformulate your original text. Work closely with the person who will do this work, his insights, in the form of the questions he has, can show where you could choose a better set of vocabulary or sentence structure for your website. This is even more true when your site is in English, as there are many variations of English spoken throughout the world and ideally your website should cater to them all. 

Google Analytics

A precious tool that the Pro version offers to integrate is the famous Google Analytics. Knowing your visitors and their behavior will surely help you adapt your site to their needs, and tweak your Google ads in a even more efficient way. Or you can simply use it to see which of your pages are the most visited.

Personal professional feedback on your completed site

Pro Site users can now get a personal review of their website, from an experienced professional webmaster, for free.

Using your own Domain name 

This can be also an important aspect of promoting your brand, and capitalizing on a cleverly chosen name. Having your own domain name (if it is carefully chosen) can have a great effect on people being able to easily remember your web address.

Note: If you have a domain name from a previous site, it is a good idea to use this (if you are not using it for other things) because it has a certain amount of authority.