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How upgrading your site to Smart or Pro can help its promotion

SimDif Starter sites already provide necessary tools to make them visible on the web.

However, going Smart or Pro will give you access to a number of even more exciting tools and features to help you promote your site and business.

Smart Sites

Up to 12 pages

When you have more pages to explain what you do, you have more real estate to organize and detail your answers and multiply the relevant pages. It is an important aspect of having your page chosen as the result of a search but it also means you have more to offer and potentially satisfy your readers. Your readers are the most important aspect to focus on in the promotion of your site. 

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Google Analytics

A precious tool that the Pro version offers to integrate is the famous Google Analytics. Knowing your visitors and their behavior will surely help you adapt your site to their needs, and tweak your Google ads in a even more efficient way. Or you can simply use it to see which of your pages are the most visited.

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Additional visual options to give your site a unique look

A Smart site allows you to choose from a large number of graphics presets, shapes of website elements and fonts. 

The visual side of your website is a very important part of your site's identity and your visitors' experience. With Smart you are able to make sure that the color combination and general look of your site are consistent with the brand identity of your business and your own idea of a pleasant and easy to read website.

More functions to control and expand your social media presence

Choose how your site will look when shared to social media
With a Smart site you are able to choose the picture that will be displayed when you or others share your site on social media such as Facebook.

Social media buttons
On a Smart site you can place special social media buttons to invite your readers to visit your pages in social networks.
These buttons will allow you to build stronger relationships between your website and your social media, which is nowadays a necessary part of website promotion.

Call to Action Buttons

SimDif's Call to Action buttons available for Smart sites allow you to invite your readers to use a link to go to a page on your site, another site, or an email address.

These buttons can be a useful tool to make your website more efficient and to improve your visitors' experience by giving them timely advice and guidance. 

Go Pro to access even more useful features

Up to 30 pages

If you feel that 12 pages available for Smart sites is not enough to properly present your activity or business, going Pro can be a good idea. With 30 pages you will be able to explain all your topics and showcase all sides of your business to your readers.

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Duplicate for translation

Translation can be useful in promoting your SimDif site. Pro sites offer the possibility to duplicate your site to facilitate its translation into another language, linking the different sites by a flag.

The first obvious benefit from translating is to increase the number of people who could potentially access your site. This is even more essential to serve countries that use more than one language. 

Less obviously though, translating is actually an incredible way to check and reformulate your original text. Work closely with the person who will do this work, his insights, in the form of the questions he has, can show where you could choose a better set of vocabulary or sentence structure for your website. This is even more true when your site is in English, as there are many variations of English spoken throughout the world and ideally your website should cater to them all. 

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Fully control colors and visuals of your site

Pro sites allow users to create their own color themes, font sets and edit shapes of various site elements.

These options will give you the ability to be in control of all visual aspect of your site and give it the desired professional look.  

Personal professional feedback on your completed site

Pro Site users can now get a personal review of their website, from an experienced professional webmaster, for free.

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Customizable contact form

The contact form of a Pro site can be customized in accordance with the needs of your business.

By customizing your contact form you will be able to improve the experience of your visitors and make the communication with them more efficient.

E-Commerce tools

On a Pro site it is possible to directly implement E-Commerce solutions and start selling items or collecting donations.

Pro users are able to add PayPal buttons such as "Donate", Buy Item and "Add to Cart"/"View Cart".

On a SimDif Pro site you get 30 pages. 

This means that in theory you can add more than a thousand different Add To Cart items on a single Pro site. 

To learn about all the Pro features and more, click here to have a look at our dedicated Pro Features website.

How can I upgrade by site to Smart of Pro?

You can upgrade inside the App by going to Site Settings (top right button) and "Upgrade or Renew".

If you are having problems paying with GooglePlay or Apple iTunes / AppStore, there are other solutions available:

Login into your SimDif site with a web browser, on a phone or a computer: https://www.simdif.com 

Go to "Upgrade or Renew" and you will see the alternative payment methods we offer.

Here you can take advantage of our special offer, 3 years for the price of 2.

How much do Smart and Pro cost?

Please check this site to see prices of Smart and Pro upgrades in your country: https://www.simdif.com/en/pricing.html 

Are Pro sites better seen on Google?

Starter sites can perform very well in search engines If they have unique and rich relevant content that gets updated regularly and have correct titles and metadata.

However, users of Smart and Pro sites can take advantage of additional tools such as the SimDif SEO Directory to improve their sites' performance in Google search.