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The Smart Way to Use Links in your Site

interlinks between your pages
interlinks between your pages

Create a useful links page for your readers

Take the opportunity to gather and organize useful links for your readers, to let them research your subject further.

It is an "old" tradition on the web to show that a site is part of a greater whole. Visitors to your site may find this a good reason to add your site to their bookmarks.

Creating a links page for your site is also appreciated by search engines

Links are a two way street. Search engines want to see that your site is not a dead end. By creating links to high quality pages that have similar content to your own site, Google will come to see your pages as having high quality, and view the keywords and topics you present as not only on-topic, but also trustworthy.

Links can also be added to your other pages for equal effect

If you are presenting a topic and you find yourself needing to explain something that falls outside of the scope of that topic, but is still essential to understanding the content of your page, then you may want point your readers towards the explanation.

You can do this by creating a separate page to explain this related topic, and create an internal link to that page (links between pages of your own site). 

You could also link to another website that explains this topic (external link). Note: this site could be yours too. A clever strategy to increase your presence on the web is to split your related subjects into dedicated sites.

Either way, your readers and Google will see that your pages are not dead ends and can be considered an interesting source of information. 

A practical example within this site :
Find out more about links on our organizing the content of your website page.

Or for an external link
Learn more about linking your pages in our write for the web guideThis guide will also help you decide where to place links in sentences.

What kinds of pages or websites should I link to?

Always link to a page which has relevant content on the topic you are currently discussing. Link to another page on your own site if possible.

Link to an external site when you want to offer your reader the chance to learn background or related information to your topic from an authoritative source like Wikipedia.

Should I add links to every page?

You should definitely add at least one link to most of your pages. If your reader arrives at the end of a page without finding any link or button, they will be more likely to decide to leave your site.
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