11 free good tips to promote your website

Good and simple tools to diffuse the news of your website around the globe.

The advice and tips given in the following pages are to help you get your website known, on the World Wide Web, and beyond.

This guide is specifically for people who have created a site with SimpleDifferent, our favorite website editor, but can apply to anybody wanting to better their understanding of how to promote the existence and the content of a website

This guide can also be seen as the next logical step after reading SimpleDifferent's other helpful guide: writing for both readers and search engines.

We will start with basic advice on the way search engines prefer to see your site, understand it and reference it. This advice will help your readers to find your site. 

Followed by other ways to promote your site outside of the site itself.

And lastly we will introduce some advanced ways that you can promote your site in an easy to understand format

Upgrading your SimpleDifferent site to Pro can actually help you promote your site

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